Sunday, November 13, 2011

History of the Apostolic Catholic Church

From a Catholic Movement to a Full-Pledged Church

Maria Virginia, a woman with a heart of abundant love, with fervent desire to serve God and her fellowmen, begun joining church activities and became active in church ministries. She joined three-day Christian faith classes called Cursillo. Having attended several Cursillo classes as a rector, her experiences gave her ideas in reaching out the strayed and lost souls back to the Lord. Armed with her prayers, faith and trust to God and guidance of Beloved Ingkong, she came up building her own Cursillo group, named Holy Spirit Apostolic Catholic Cursillo Foundation, Inc. Since then, an enormous zeal and strength grew in her as she untiringly converts stray souls back to God.
One day, as instructed by Beloved Ingkong, she built a community in a mountainous part of Hermosa, Bataan. Seeking remedies for their aliments; solutions for their problems; peace for their disturbed souls; and all sorts of desperations, people flocked to that place.  As they received graces and healings, Beloved Ingkong instructed them to live a holy life and pray hard, for the world is not at peace. So many pilgrims responded and make sacrifices for the reparation of sinners. That place was later on called "Sacrifice Valley"
In 1985, the faithful members were organized and named their movement asSacrifice Valley Kilusang Katoliko. Two years after, this movement grew internationally.
In 1987, the faithful members registered their movement to the Securities of Exchange Commission (SEC) as the First International Sacrifice Valley Kilusang Katoliko Inc. (FISVKKI), then became Sacrifice Valley Pilgrimage Center, and thereafter, were proclaimed as The Pilgrimage Capital of Bataan.
Amid the growing of members in this Catholic movement, the Roman Catholic Church clergies suddenly stopped their pastoral services in Sacrifice Valley. Bishop Celso Guevarra, issued pastoral letters regarding the beliefs of its members, that was not according to Catholic faith and teachings. The Diocese of Bataan officially proclaimed that Sacrifice Valley is not of Catholic Pilgrimage Center anymore, but it is a cult assembly of an Anti-Christ movement.  The reason behind is that they really want to stop the working of the Holy Spirit, our Beloved Ingkong.

Our Beloved Ingkong tripled the immeasurable number of pilgrims who flocked for His living messages. His healing power wonders even to those who were terminally ill; enlightened the hopeless; converted people from vices like drugs and alcoholism, gambling, and among many others. It spread to every corner of the land, here and abroad.
The calling of the Holy Spirit grows its membership into a global extent. Calling people from all walks of life, even called by means of dreams. All believers were baptized and sealed by His Mark of Holiness that spread to as far as China, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Canada, Europe and the United States of America.
Our Patriarch, Dr. John Florentine L. Teruel, P.P. was consecrated a full-pledged Bishop in California that gave this movement an opportunity to be a Legitimate Church. He has a mandated letter given to him as Bishop to serve this community.
The year 1992 signifies the formation of the Church to fulfill a divination from Vassula Ryden, a visionary, who prophesied that a sprout would grow between the gates of the Eastern and Western Rite who will bridge them towards a Church of the end times by the Holy Spirit.
On July 7, 1992, on the Feast of Pentecost, Patriarch John founded the First International Sacrifice Valley Apostolic Catholic Church (FISVACC).
It was officially admitted to the roster of the Securities of Exchange Commission (SEC) in the Philippines, August 4, 1992, under Registration No. ANO92- 002797.